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To -day 7th Feb 2015 at the Marathon  that starts at 11 am East

(4 pm UK) 5 pm Europe.


Ex Lorry driver Brian Bear​ 's results

within a few hours of promoting Gotbackup,proves that if he wants to double his income every month like many successful MLMers can and are doing, he could do it easily, without bringing back the stress of working with negative thinking Newbies and even some seasoned MLMers.
  However, Brian has seen many of his Downline working very hard, yet not achieving their goals. So he has decided to be like an athlete who prefers the relay (Team ) race, rather than an individual race.

Hope this will make other successful MLMers realize what Brian and his (Relay) TEAM are trying to do. TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More
We just want to pass on the baton properly to you, so you to can celebrate winning with us. We will be passing the Baton to -day.  YES TO-DAY
To day 7th Feb 2015 at the Marathon that starts at 11 am East ( 4 pm UK) 5 pm Europe

 Love all MLMers especially ex-lorry driver Brian Bear.

Don Gonsalves