Small Fish 4BIG Fish

Heart of Gold Marketing


Am I a lucky Karatbars Networker 

or Smart Karatbars Networker?

The  ONE thing I learned about building a #MassiveTeam in 1979 with Amway the first MLM concept that I joined was;-  How to help a sprat to catch a Mackerel as an Affiliate in a Profit Sharing  MLM

Sprat = Newbies to MLM and Mackerel = Professional MLMers. 

The secret to success with MLM is for the Little Fish to learn

how to catch the Big Fish.

Step1. Look for an Opportunity that is well established, but has not

been noticed by the Big Fish , because it has grown without hype.

Step2. Attend the daily meetings, so as to hear the same marketing plan

again and again until you know it by heart. Now you are still a small Fish, but

youk now a lot more than the professionals ( Gurus) who have not seen

this business yet. To them you are a BIG Fish, You know more then them about this Business they ignored, a few years, or months or days ago.


Step3. Register as many small fish as possible for Free, and get them to copy

You by attending the meetings.

Always remember how a fisher man catches a Big Fish, with a small sprat.

Idiom Definitions for 'Sprat to catch a mackerel'

If you use a sprat to catch a mackerel, you make a small expenditure

or take a small risk in the hope of a much greater gain.


a sprat to catch a mackerel

( British Idiom)A small outlay or risk ventured in the hope of a significant return.

Help a sprat to catch a mackerel

Sprat = Newbies to MLM and Mackerel = Professional MLMers.

If we use a small fish as a bait, we shall catch a large one.

It is worth sacrificing a little in order to gain a great deal more.

Can you keep attending the daily meetings until you have

two downline to copy you and say hello to you at the meetings.

Sprat to catch a mackerel or even a shark.

Sponsoringand helping a person with little credibility

To in turn sponsor a person with a lot of credibility

will create a lot of success to you and your downline.

So Karatbars Daily Meeting is the Deep Sea, where you

have to keep inviting your friends and relations and existing  downline

Members,until you have 2 members attending the meetings daily.

Is it worth it?


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