Share in My Winnings

Share in My Winnings

Heart of Gold Marketing



Update 15th June 2015 while we are waiting for launch.>>

The guy could be a good prospect for our

Scratch Card MLM, about to be launched.

Auto Scratching means his winnings would

be deposited instantly into his bank or his sponsor’s

Bank ( I Hope) if he did not want the money.



#MyScratchCardR4u  from  April 2015


Yes all my up 30 to 275,274 Instant

Pay out Scratch Cards per month.

These instant pay out Scratch Cards

will be costing me only Euro 30.00 or

only £24.00 per month Wow!! And,

and the chances of winning are 1 in 3.4  to win

a minimum of 5 Euros.

What is the catch?

I need to have you in my KB back office

as an Active Free member or an Active or

non-Active KB paid member.



To find out what an Active Free KB member is,

Inbox me in Facebook.

Why should an Active Free KB member be like

a  4 by100 Relay Team Member.

And what will She/He have to to qualify for 

a share of my My Scratch Card Winnings?

Here is a clue.>> Sports men and women

who understand how a 4 by 100 m. relay

race is run , will have an advantage over

other people. Just watch how a 4 by100 m.

relay race is run. See how the crowd responds

if it is the Olympics. Inbox me to find out why

we can win with Karatbars using the same rules

as the relay race.

See how #‎donwins4free

and so can you




Inbox me now.
Don Gonsalves