Why Work From Home
It is so Easy to make Money from Home on the Internet, iPad, Lap Top or even the iPhone
MLM, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing.

Do not ask the company or your sponsor
How do I sponsor?

but ask them "who" do I
Sponsor next?

and see if they have the answer.


UK £10,000.00 or US $15,000.00 per month passive Income was not a big deal in 1989

Why has it become such a big deal now in 2018.

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Get Back to Basics with Network 
Affiliate Marketing.

KISS to make your Affiliate Marketing Opportunity 
Easy to Copy, and Duplicate and Leverage.

Use DonsLLDway to ensure that everyone who joins,
sponsors one team member quickly.

Success Breeds Success.

KISS = Keep It Super Simple
Donald Gonsalves
Gold Currency Opportunity
with ZeroAttrition i.e. 100% retention of members for life.
One Off Payment means No monthly payments.

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Karatbars + KaratBank = Golden Lifestyle
Donald Gonsalves
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Ask Don Gonsalves.

Who do I sponsor Next?
The answer will surprise you but it is so easy for
you and your downline to duplicate my answer.


Don Gonsalves 

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